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Be aware, but don’t fear earthquakes: Burma expert

A damaged temple in Bagan, 25 August 2016. (PHOTO: DVB)

Though small-scale quakes are common in Burma, people should not worry too much about the possibility of a devastating earthquake, Myanmar Earthquake Committee Vice-Chairman Dr. Myo Thant told DVB.

“Even though a big earthquake routinely follows small-scale tremors, the public should be aware – but not afraid,” he said.

Burma’s meteorology department announced a 4.7 Richter-scale earthquake in Tachileik, Shan State, on 18 April.

A month earlier, a 5.1 quake jolted Rangoon.

On 24 August last year, a 6.8 quake impacted 185 ancient pagodas in Bagan.

Earthquake experts have advised people to consider the structure of their homes and buildings, and suggest clearing spaces of beams or heavy objects which could cause head injuries if they fall.